The why and how

FUNQ Wear exists to provide people with an increased joy and quality of life. We do so by living up to our core values of creativity, knowledge and humanity and making sure that they are a natural part of everything we do.

Feel Good Powers

FUNQ Wear products are made for a reason and that is to provide their users with something extra. This could be either through remarkable comfort, help with medical issues, better recovery from training or just through that great feeling to know that they buy products from a brand that truly cares about them, humanity and nature and try its best to give back.

A unique mix of science and creativity

FUNQ Wear has as unique set of experience and creative talent. The brand has been in the compression socks market since 2006 and collected years of experience regarding the functionality and requirements when it comes to making products that benefits the users health and general wellbeing. With the goal to enter into new markets this knowledge is combined with creativity to create appealing products that moves compression into the everyday wardrobe of men, women and seniors everywhere.

Our values


We care about humanity, our users and nature. This should be reflected in everything we do. From product design to marketing to how the company is runned. We try to help out the best way we can with the cards we have been given...we can not do everything but everyone can do something


We know compression! We understand how it works and how it can be used to help people in all sorts of situations. We also know what it takes to produce products that last and work with the high quality expected from our customers. This is one of our truly unique assets that forms the foundation in our products and ensures our customers that they can expect nothing but the best.


The game is rapidly changing and we know how important it is to be creative in order to keep up. Luckily creativity and the drive to look in other directions are built into the company’s DNA. We our creativity in our product development, marketing efforts, company name it. Dare to do something different, it will pay back in the end!

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